Welcome to My Support Solutions !!!  This a free blog to share knowledge regarding different concepts of ERP. We will cover the following topics for SAP MM :

  1. Full Form of SAP
  2. SAP MM Organizational Structure
  3. P2P Process In SAP
  4. Create Purchase Order Using ME21N
  5. Blanket Purchase Order
  6. SAP Scheduling Agreement
  7. SAP MM Purchasing Info Record
  8. SAP Contract
  9. Physical Inventory Process In SAP MM
  10. SAP MM Vendor Consignment Process
  11. SAP MM T codes
  12. SAP Reservation
  13. SAP Contract
  14. Subcontracting Process In SAP MM
  15. Cycle Counting Process In SAP 
  16. Inventory Management
  17. Split Valuation
  18. Logistics Invoice Verification
  19. Manual Re Order Point

We are continuously updating our posts. So stay connected..

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