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SAP Support Tickets


  • Check access sequence I mentioned or not for PB00 in define price determination process

  • Check whether PB00 is mentioned as statistical condition in define calculation schema

  • Access sequence must be active

  • Check whether there is a tick on Amount /percentage and value in Changes which have been made.

  • Define access sequence specify condition tables relevant for purchasing info record. In detail screen it contains entries for condition tables 16 , 17 , 18 and other . These tables refer to the purchasing info record. check PB00 and condition tables into it. Or new entries and add tables.

  1. No conditions determined ( No authorization for input ) error in PO

  • Use OMET and tick on Enter conditions.

  • Try to create PO wrt to scheduling agreement / contract if any exists.

  1. GL account 400000 cannot be used ( please correct )

  • Use t code FS00 . Find GL 400000 . Click on Pencil to edit records . Go to tab Create / bank /interest and check which Field status group appears .e.g. G0003 . Then use following path –

      SPRO – IMG – FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING (NEW) – FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING GLOBAL SETTINGS (NEW) – LEDGERS –FIELDS –         CUSTOMER FIELDS – DEFINE FIELD STATUS VARIENT . Select your field status variant .Double click on Field status groups. Double click on G00003 e.g. and change the respective field status as optional .

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