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In the post we will discuss about Full Form of SAP. SAP ERP  is world’s forth leading software, developed by SAP AG. SAP AG was founded by five German engineers, Hopp,Tschira, Hector, Plattner and Wellenreuther in 1972.

In German, SAP stands for “Systeme,Anwendungen,und Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung “. In English, it translates as “Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing

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SAP History and Growth

  • SAP was founded in 1972. Company establish its headquarter in Weinheim, Germany with. By end pf 1972, company has staff of nine people with DM 62000 revenue.
  • 1974 – Company has 40 reference customers.
  • 1976 – SAP with 25 employees, generate DM 3.81 million in revenue
  • 1977 – SAP shifted its headquarter from Weinheim to Walldorf
  • 1978 – French language version of accounting software was developed
  • 1979 – SAP begins its operations on own server – Siemens 7738
  • 1979 – Mainframe product ( R/2) was released
  • 1980 – SAP developed and extended its market to rest of Europe
  • 1981 –  Production Management module was developed
  • 1984 – SAP  with 163 employees, generated revenue around DM 48 million
  • 1987 – First Non German subsidiary was formed in Netherlands. New offices were opened in France, Spain and Great Britain. SAP was more than 500 employees with DM 152 million in revenue
  • 1992 – Client/Server application (R/3) was launched. It further extend SAP to USA market.
  • 1993 – SAP begins working with Microsoft.  It was employees more than 3600 with with DM 1.1 million revenue
  • 2001 – SAP increased its revenue by by 17%
  • 2003 – SAP had around 30000 employees and  research centers  in India, Japan, Israel, France, Bulgaria, Canada and USA
  • 2005 – Company’s software license revenue increased by 18%
  • 2006 – SAP expands its market share with solutions like SAP All-in-One and SAP  Business One
  • 2011 – SAP announce its plan for expand and growth in Brazil, Russia, China and India. SAP acquired Success Factors, leading provider in cloud applications
  • 2013 – SAP business suit moves to SAP HANA
  • 2017 – Google  and SAP announced strategic co innovation partnership
  • 2018 SAP introduced C/4HANA

In 1992, SAP successfully launched client-server version of software, called as R3. A newer version was released in 2004, called as SAP ERP Central Component (ECC)

Following table depicts SAP R3/ ECC / S4 HANA Releases:

SAP R3/ ECC/ S4 HANAVersionYear
R3 Enterprise Edition1.0 A1992
R3 Enterprise Edition3.0 B1998
R3 Enterprise Edition3.1 |1998
R3 Enterprise Edition4.31998
R3 Enterprise Edition4.5 B1999
R3 Enterprise Edition4.6 C1999
R3 Enterprise Edition4.6 FNA
R3 Enterprise 4.7*1102002
R3 Enterprise 4.7*2002003
ERP Central Component (ECC)52004
ERP Central Component (ECC)62005
S4 HANA15032015
S4 HANA15112015
S4 HANA Cloud16052016
S4 HANA Finance16052016
S4 HANA Cloud16082016
S4 HANA16102016
S4 HANA Cloud16112016
S4 HANA Cloud17022017
S4 HANA Cloud17052017
S4 HANA Cloud17082017
S4 HANA Cloud17092017
S4 HANA Cloud17112017
S4 HANA Cloud18022018
S4 HANA Cloud18052018
S4 HANA Cloud18082018
S4 HANA 18092018
S4 HANA Cloud18112018


So, let’s revise. Full form of SAP is, Systeme,Anwendungen,und Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung “. In English, it translates as “Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing“.

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