SAP MM Support Tickets

In this page we will discuss about errors that users can face while working or practice, with solutions.  I will update this page in  regular intervals , so stay tuned.

 1.Tax Classification field in Material Master is disappeared

Use T Code OVK1 and in New Entries put country code . Add tax category as mwst.

2. Error in Account Determination : table T030R key INT R1

Use T code OB40. Give your chart of accounts e.g. INT . Give tax code and G/L account.

3.  Order type ‘or’ has not been defined in the sales area

Use T code OVAZ. Click on Assign sales order type permitted for sales areas. Give your sales organization, document type               and other details.

4.  No pricing Procedure could be determined

Use T code OVKK. Enter the details of sales organization, distribution channel etc and save the record.


Define common distribution channel and division.

6. Error in Account Determination Table T030R key INT

Use T code FBKP. Put tax code and G/L account.

7. Number range XX is not defined for object DEBITOR

Use T code SNRO and check your number range.

8. GL account cannot be used ( please correct )

Use T code FS00 . Define field status variant. Select field status variant, double click on field status group and change the field status group as optional.

9. Partner role not copied to PO.

If other configuration is correct, change vendor in xk02, in partners tick on DP . Ensure that field mandatory is ticked in partner schema for purchasing document.